fredag 21 juni 2013

Alain Badiou om Turkiets nya väg

Filosofen Alain Badious skriver att "resningen i Turkiet" kan öppna för något helt nytt i raden av utbrott av protester vi sett i arabvärlden och i södra Europa. Med tanke på de stora skillnaderna mellan t.ex. Turkiet och Egypten å ena sidan, och  de "väst"-länderna å den andra, så kan han ha rätt.

Det finns ett val idag mellan två vägar. Den ena vägen är den som valdes av folken det sönderfallande sovjetimperiet, att ansluta sig till den falska "demokratin" i Väst. Den andra vägen, den som leder framåt, återstår att utforska.

They must give up the temptation to adopt, for their own benefit, the “Western” conception of democracy, meaning: the simple, self-serving desire for a middle class to exist in Turkey as an electoral and falsely democratic client of an oligarchic power integrated into the world market of capital and commodities. This is called: liaison with the masses. Without it, the admirable current revolt will end in a subtler and more dangerous form of subservience: the kind we are familiar with in our old capitalist countries.

We intellectuals and militants in France and other rich countries of the imperialist West implore our Turkish friends to avoid creating a situation like ours in their country. To you, our dear Turkish friends, we say: the greatest favor you can do for us is to prove that your uprising is taking you to a different place from ours, that it is creating a situation whereby the material and intellectual corruption in which our sick old countries are languishing today will be impossible.

Fortunately, I know that in contemporary Turkey, among all our Turkish friends, the means exist to avoid the erroneous desire to be like us. This great country, with its long, tormented history, can and must surprise us. It is the ideal place for a great historical and political innovation to occur.

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